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About this page

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take the Beautiful Game…

One Night Grandstand infuses a normal kick-about with the media-rich glamour of Highbury or Stamford Bridge. Players can have a kick-about as normal, but add One Night Grandstand and the game is commentated, flood-lit, filmed, and projected onto stadium-style screens above the pitch, complete with stadium sound effects, live motion graphics and action replays.

junior turns, dynamicallycamerthe commentary box

add the magic of commentary…

Each game – however formal or informal, is commentated live through the PA system by a dynamic and exciting football commentator. For the first One Night Grandstand, we had the good fortune to work with the marvellous Phil Parry of BBC London Sport.

Phil Parrycommentator in trainingPhil Parry and Michael Weinkove

find some new talent…

We are currently developing some workshops to train young commentators with different styles and influences than ‘normal’ commentary to begin commentating at many different levels of sport. If you would like to try being a commentator, or would like to talk about organising some workshops for your group or community, see the workshops page for more details.

and serve!

We are now taking bookings to bring One Night Grandstands to your area or community. If you would like to book a dynamic commentary team, or get hold of the equipment, skills and technology you need to put on a One Night Grandstand for your football tournament or sports event, check out the bookings page.

Or do it yourself

We are developing and refining the technology that provides the sound effects, motion graphics, and action replays for One Night Grandstand into an open-source package that can be developed and run by any group or community. If you would like to use that technology yourself, or help with development by contributing resources, ideas and knowledge, please check out our development pages.

screens and goals showing some of the live graphicsOne Night Grandstand in progress 2towerblocks and screenscrowds look on

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