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This project, run from Summer - Winter 2008 is a participatory media workshop about questions about the future projections young people have about the world, politics and their lives.

Based on a programme of key skills training run by City Gateway, The People Speak will be providing a creative framework for the young people involved to see how participatory media can be used to initiate and stimulate conversation in pubic space. They will also be introduced to some inspiring examples of how people have tried to create change through their media campaigns and creative activities.

This wiki page is for sharing information between partner organisations and making sure that key learning from this process is documented publicly and becomes a useful resource.


The People Speak workshops

These are the different kinds of workshops we'll be running:

  • Introductory session
  • Inspiration workshop
  • Practice workshop
  • Talaoke Public Interview
  • A Showcase Evaluation

Available skillsets (and providers)

Each session will be 2 hours long, and will involve approximately 15 young people.

Introduction session

Introduction - 30 mins

  • Introduce The People Speak & what everyone does
    • Mikey - facilitation , conversation, public events
    • Hektor - event camerawork, photography, media skills
    • Rick - event editing, video production, podcasting
  • Explain participatory media - YOU are the media
  • Show some video of various People Speak events
  • Introduce the skills people will learn
    • Digital audio/video recording -
    • Event/interview camerawork -
    • Video editing, -
    • AV/Setup and event sound engineering
    • Event Photography (uploading, sharing photos)
  • mention:
    • Video/Audio Podcasting
    • Audio/Video Streaming
    • Open Source software

Introductory training session: 1.5 hours

  • Get on the Talkaoke table
    • look at existing questions and ideas eg:
      • stop my sister being autistic
      • communism as another option
      • make the world one large country (so no need to give money to the poorer countries)
      • get rid of gangs / young people's conflicts
      • more money to nhs / make nhs international
      • recruit police locally
      • ban alcohol
      • lock up all local drug dealers
      • jobs should be available without interviews or experience
  • Take 3 groups of 5
  • 5 photographers
  • 5 cameramen
  • 5 hosts
  • each take it in turn to do each job - aided by Rick, Hektor, Mikey.

Inspiration workshop

Introduction - 15 mins

  • Inspirational speaker for the week will be introduced
  • structure of the session explained
  • issues from the last week mentioned
  • available workshops explained (see above)

Talk 1/2 an hour

  • Speaker introduces themselves, what they do
  • Talks about the inspiring activities they've been involved with, how they did it
  • Talks about the problems and challenges they've faced
  • Talk about the skills they use and have developed, how they work

Discussion session 1/2 an hour

  • Young people can respond with questions
  • Discussion about how what's been said applies to young people's issues
  • Decisions about who to invite for public Talkaoke Interview.

Workshops: 1 hour

  • Young people split into 3 groups of five for workshops.
  • Workshops run for 45 minutes, then 15 minutes of group feedback/reporting.

Practice workshop

Introduction - 30 mins

  • Introduce the skills available at this session - what they're for
  • Recap on other learning in the progarmme so far
  • Display/demonstration of successful examples
    • Participatory media
    • Mainstream media
    • + evaluation/discussion


  • Young people split up into 3 groups of 5 for one of 3 workshops (see above)
  • Workshops run for 1.5 hours, then 15 minutes of group feedback/reporting.

Talkaoke public interview


  • Young people have invited several high-profile people to discuss their issues
  • Young people run the event, with TPS/CG 'shadowing' each role
    • event management
    • AV Setup
    • Video/Audio recording
    • Facilitation / mediation
    • etc (see skills section above)


  • Young people work with CG/TPS to develop programme, invite speakers
  • YP produce flyers, publicity contact local press etc.
  • TPS work with CG and young people to plan the event and work through logistics


  • Young people arrive 1.5 hours early to help with the setup
  • Event management led by young people, facilitated by TPS


  • Young people lead on all documentation - video & audio
  • Facilitate and host show (shadowed by TPS)
  • Collate and archive all material, for later editing

Showcase evaluation

  • YP collate their documentation and material for an exhibition
  • Constructive criticism from TPS/invited speaker from inspiration workshop/CG
  • YP evaluate TPS/CG's role - what could have been done better
  • Next steps for them, and opportunities for apprenticeships / placements discussed
  • Possibly invite potential placement organisations to showcase
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