December 07 Directionless Progress Report

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General Progress Overview

  • Evaluated market research
  • Finalised service development and specifications accordingly
  • Finalised decisions about technical implementations (asterisk vs. yate)
  • Started coding backend

December: Specific Progress

  • Second code sprint
  • Started writing code tests for plone back-end
  • Started work on asterisk/skype integration
  • Started work on asterisk back end
  • Signed off initial designs and branding
  • Finalised wireframes and concepts for initial service

Progress against Key Deliverables

Deliverable 1: Identification of which of the proposed business plans - or new business plans - might suit the continued development of this innovative product

  • Market research evaluation used to finalise product specification
  • Design and branding designed to support product.

Deliverable 2: A comprehensive analysis and report on equivalent services in the marketplace and their pricing/business models

  • Continued research into equivalent services and their underlying costs

Deliverable 3: A first roadmap of an emerging market in peer-provided VOIP and information services for SMEs and civil society - and other unanticipated markets

  • Several other potential projects identified as a result of the development

Deliverable 4: Robust prototype developed and proof of its concept for mass-market and market readiness

  • Coding begun on robust prototype.
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