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One of the goals of this project, apart from creating a network of great local radio shows, is to start producing lots and lots of meaningful, geographically located media feeds without relying on loads of silly expensive equipment and bionic ears. Having said that, we like shiny toys as much as the next person and will use them if it's really necessary.

This is still somewhat challenging as the technology and infrastructures for geographically referencing media files and then accessing them is really immature. Basically, everyone's making up their own way of doing this, which is bound to lead to a horrible mess and makes it difficult to follow the leads in a reliable and standards-compliant way.

Our approach is to use tried and tested technology that lots of people are already using, judging that people are most likely to make the least effort to move from where they are to where they can start providing spatialized media feeds.

External Services

Link, where possible to external location services eg:, where it's also then possible to call in extra feeds by checking for proximity of neighbouring feeds via rss:

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