Greenwich Talkaoke Workshop Week 1: 14th January (Introduction)

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  • Name round, something about yourself, what you do, what you're interested in.
  • Andy to introduce the work they've been doing with the radio station
  • Saul to introduce The People Speak - what we do (quickly)

Themes and questions


  • Talkaoke
  • what other talk shows do we know about?
  • How are they different?


Exercise 1

  • Look at the following news sources:
    • BBC website
    • The Metro
    • The London Paper
    • Indymedia website / Schnews
    • The Guardian
    • The Sun
    • The Mirror
    • Le Monde Diplomatique
  • Which are the most interesting? Why?
  • What items are not in the news that should be?
  • Where else do we get news from?

What kinds of formats would work here

  • What are the issues in this area?
  • What range of topics are people generally interested in?
  • What would we like to do next week?
  • Issues: Develop an issue to be the focus for the debates. (Whats most important to them? what else are they aware of going on in their area? Do they know theres a huge new town being built down the road? Do they care?)
  • Formats: Creating a radio debate. Listen to one and other podcasts. Compare with a Talkaoke. How are they made and put out?
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