Greenwich Talkaoke Workshop Week 2: 21st January (Talkaoke discussion)

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Part of Greenwich Talkaoke Workshop 2008

Week 2: 21st January (Talkaoke discussion)

  • Talkaoke discussion
  • Intro: Talkaoke as a participative media tool
  • Skills: Setting up talkoake, its different parts, how it works. Using the microphone and other equipment. Allow YP to try out being the host, play their own music in background.
  • Issues: Focus talkaoke on local issues, issues that the young people feel are relevent to them in the area they live and study.

Report on this Session.

Not many people from the last session were there, apparently as neither me nor Isabel nor hardly anybody else had been to the last session. It was well attended, 12 to 15 people, but only three girls and they had to leave after a while. The discussion went well, identifying at least 4 or 5 really interesting themes that could provide content, but also a couple of approaches we could try out too.

The main topics were:

1. Crime on the streets, fear of crime. The crime is a self-perpetuating cycle, where the fear it creates makes people feel they need to join gangs and carry weapons. there is no way back for people who have chosen the life of crime.

2. Young people are perceived to be dangerous just because of the way they look. Stereotypes about young people. There should be a positive image of young people

3. Sex and teenagers. Teenagers are pressured into sex too early because they feel like everyone else is doing it. They are not prepared or ready for sex. People don't pay any heed to religious or traditional values.

4. Rewrite the bible. the bible needs to be updated to take technological innovations into account such as better husbandry practices and contraception.

5. African Cup of Nations. Are the big countries like Nigeria and South Africa underperforming because they have too many stars and not enough team ethic, or are the smaller nations simply improving faster?

We decided to start the session 30 minutes earlier next week.

One useful suggestion one person made was to interview some influential role model type expert people.

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