How to set up and breakdown the Talkaoke Table

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  • todo


  • remove gels and sandwich them.
  • unplug all power supplies
  • unplug led connectors
  • unplug two phono connectors that go through the tables
  • unplug microphone
  • undo table screws and leave them to one side because you'll need them again
  • undo thumb screws and put them in the top lid of the toolkit
  • disconnect cables from camera
  • put cameras back in their bags
  • put knobs back onto the table legs – but just a couple of turns (they're acting as protectors)
  • put all the perspex sections together into one of the bags (don't put a wood table section into that bag).
  • put table sections back in bags. – putting the lightest table section with two of the wooden sections
  • put all connectors into the box of bits and the toolbox into one of the legs.
  • put everything in the van – the legs go with curved survaces facing the back doors, then lock 3 legs
  • the table sections go in the van, solid side down.
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