How to transport the Talkaoke Table

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Van transport

What this page should be

Specific instructions as to how to pack up and transit the talkaoke table without damaging it.

This should be a nicely printed out and laminated sheet here, sitting in the glove compartment of the talkaoke van, so untrained newbies can happen along, read the book and become talkaoke-maestros in just a few minutes.

How to transport the talkaoke table

Mikey, please fill this in at your leisure.

  • Take it apart carefully in this order:
  • Put it in the van in this order:
  • Remember these easy-to-forget bits:
  • Pack it in the following way:
  • Always remember to do....:

Air Freight

Early investigation into the costs of air travel for the table, based on Talkaoke Table 3? designs, indicated the following estimate: Equipment freight (talkaoke table – 155cm/75cm/45cm = £260 airport to airport, or £330 door to door).

Talkaoke Table 4? might be cheaper as it's lighter, although flight costings tend to be in cubic meters rather than in weight over a certain size. Sea freight is cheap, but takes too long for it to be a cost effective method of Talkaoke Table Transport.

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