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What I envisage is a kind of generative production line with different areas indicating different creative processes. These will mostly be represented by "desks" apart from the shooting area. It sounds very bureaucratic but will actually be a lot of fun. 

The audience will then go through a process where they will first watch the latest version of what we have filmed already. at the beginning of day 1, there will be nothing on the screen from this session, but we could display material from previous sessions. The screen could even play the video to the outside world through a window.

Next they will go the character workshop section. 

Here they will be asked to develop a character using mask making techniques and make up, prop making and costume. We have discovered that it is easier to build a character using physical things like masks and costumes that simply giving people the more abstract challenge to create a character from scratch or the even more daunting task of creating a whole story.

 Then they will go to the narrative development desk, where they will be asked to develop a back story for their character. 

The whole thing will be communicated through a twitter feed so that everyone in the crew can be made aware of the emerging story and to try and weave in similarities.

They will then proceed to the scene desk, where suitable backgrounds and scenes are created. They may be referred back to the prop desk for extra props.

Equipped with scenes, props, characterisation and narrative they will move to the "film studio" section where we will actually film. We will have two surfaces to shoot on which will be adjacent to each other. A back projection surface and a green screen surface. 

This material will be fed to the editing and post production desk where it will be incorporated into the latest edit, which will be added to the viewing screen.


Showreel screen requirements.
Plasma Screen (theps)
sound system (theps)
crappy computer to play video loop (theps)
power and internet

Character desk requirements
Laptop for tweeting (theps)
cardboard (theps and Wunderbar)
cutting tools (theps)
consumables; paint, facepaint, brushes, tape (theps)
2 tables (wunderbar)
2 chairs (wunderbar)
costumes, hats(theps) wigs (theps)
power and internet

props desk requirements
Laptop for tweeting (theps)
cardboard (theps and Wunderbar)
cutting tools (theps)
table (wunderbar)
2 chairs (wunderbar)
power and internet

scene desk requirements
Laptop for creating backgrounds and tweeting(theps)
cardboard (theps and Wunderbar)
cutting tools (theps)
consumables; paint, brushes, tape (theps)
table and chair
power and internet

film studio requirements
HD camera (theps)
tripod (theps)
viewing monitor (theps)
shotgun mic (theps)
2 lapel mics (theps)
Lights (theps)
laptop for tweeting(theps)
greenscreen (theps)
projector (theps)
back projection screen (theps)
table and 3 chairs
power and internet

editing desk requirements
After effects computer (theps)
editing computer (theps)
rendering computer
table and 3 chairs
power and internet

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