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The most important (and fun) bit of Traffic-Island Disks is talking to people and getting them to say interesting things. There are no hard and fast rules, and everyone should develop their own methodology, but here are some guidelines we've developed while treading the streets accosting strangers:


Walk Slowly

Walk slow if you are walking somewhere. It makes it much easier to spot headphone users and it is easier to approach them. There is no need for speed anyway. If you're in a hurry it's the wrong day to do Traffic Island Disks.

Don't be a Loser

Don't be a loser. If you're declined by a walkman wearer, don't approach another user if they've already seen you rejected. They will be much more likely to decline. Approach interviewee's with a confident stance, like the totally normal thing to do is to take part in the show

Be lateral

Be lateral. Don't ask the obvious questions, like what do you do, where are you going? UNLESS you have nothing else to ask. It is important to keep the conversational wheel spinning. More expansive questions begin with why and how.

Keep going

Keep the conversational wheel spinning. Conversations are much more than exchanges of information. They are two or more humans interacting and being friendly with each other. Even if you're talking shit, keep talking and you'll get closer to the walkman wearer.

Don't slam the punter

Never slam the punter for their ideas or opinions or tastes. Remember you can't have an argument about a question of taste. Using this reaonind you caqn talk about your different taste no problem, but keep it positive.

Listen for emotions

Music is a feelling thing. People listen to it in order to change the feeling about their journey. The trick is to get people talking about how they feel. Sometimes you need to go to a factual stage to get people comfortable before moving on to feelings and stuff.

It ain't over 'tit it's over

It aint over til it's over. A really good trick is to make out that the interview is over. But don't stop recording, because at this point the interviewee will relax and become more friendly, initmate, candid and frank.

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