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See / Chat to whoever is online

One of the social functions of Directionless Enquiries is introducing people to each other where no route to conversation exists. That's what we're interested in!

A chat service would help introducing agents to each other, as well as providing people with a way to relay questions to a group that might have better suggestions and local knowledge than the individual agent.

Here are a few ideas about how to facilitate this kind of communication:

City based chat / rss feeds

Each city can have a chat environment for it's citizen-users! If we use Gabbly or some other hosted chat service that provides RSS feeds, we can have rss feeds of that 'page' of chat appearing in the Directionless Enquiries Client.

That gives us some cheap interactivity - and allows us to aggregate questions, answers and other interesting information that comes up in conversations for cities and areas within cities.

Chat service client choices

  • multiple client access - web / irc.*, bot options (eg [cgi::irc]
  • hosted and looked after by someone else, + rss feeds (eg. [gabbly])

So probably gabbly is the one to go for.

Other ideas that need fleshing out

  • 'bookmarking' users as they call in
  • searching for users in a massive list (when we have masses of users!)
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