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Some notes on the development of de2, based on asterisk.

You have the ajam http interface, where you can e.g. place calls using originate

There is a list of of commands on

One can originate a call to a 'Local/exten@context' channel, which means the call starts here, and when it connects it will be connected to the exten,context,priority that is defined in the originate call.

Doing parallel calls in originate is possible as well. You need to use the async='true' switch for that

When doing that gaining controll over this calls is not that easy - they are done on a Local/e@c channel, and how do you get hold from e.g. an agi script over all the calls made?

One way seems to be to do a Set(DB(batch-batchid/number)=${CHANNEL})) call in the Local extension, effectivelly creating a lookup map

An easier way is using Dial, to dial numbers in parallel, but then one looses the ability to get feedback on the non-connected channels (busy etc.)

NB: meetme application in Asterisk is necessary. If hosting on OpenVZ (as we are in the next iteration of DE, hopefully) -

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