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User profile

Ad agencies often profile a single user for marketing purposes, rather than concentrating on a demographic. Beginning with a list of psychological characteristics, they work towards a fictional user they describe by name. This is Liz's assessment, please sanity-check.

1. Common fears, frustrations, pains and urgency

  • Frustrated with layers of interface in common communications - e.g. social networking tools, answering services.
  • Desperate to talk to human beings rather than machines.
  • May be somewhat technically illiterate AND/OR scared or mistrustful of communications technology?
  • Not terribly patient. Likes instant gratification.
  • Protective of personal space, needs to keep a bit of distance.

2. Wants and aspirations

  • Intensely curious about things and people. Likes finding things out.
  • Risk taker, eager to experiment with new things, but not reckless.
  • Social connections important. Strong desire to expand social network through real-time communication.
  • Likes to think about, understand other people. Empathic, cooperative
  • Likes to talk, share knowledge as a means of social engagement (impress people!)
  • Get what they need from other people - manipulative?

3. Common experiences, reality, what they are thinking

  • Autonomous, independent, takes charge
  • Extroverted, often out and about --> young, or enjoys young company
  • Energetic, likes attention
  • Enjoys shared social experiences and spaces: events, venues etc
  • Physically unconfident of appearance, prefers to judge and be judged by personality rather than surface

4. Irrational fears and fantasies

  • Uncertain of position in high-tech urban environment.
  • Needs constant assurance of self-worth.
  • Doesn't like to be seen as ignorant, hates asking questions of people they know, in the street etc.
  • Attracted to the strange and bizarre
  • Control freak: likes to think they are always "in charge"

5. Name and describe them



Oblong typeface.

Question: how does relate to directionless enquiries?

Key Brand Values

Due to the social nature of the service, we believe will have a direct appeal to young people, specifically women. Agent activity depends on having a certain amount of time to spare taking calls, making students also obvious candidates.

Ideas it should communicate are:

  • simple, unobtrusive
  • friendly, human
  • low cost
  • local knowledge, localized communities
  • 'no robots allowed'
  • anti telco
  • transparency, simple processes
  • Hi-tech goes 'back to basics'
  • diversity
  • feminine/camp/androgynous
  • cool, a little bit sexy (but not about dating)
  • person to person contact
  • playful



Styling should feel hi-tech yet human, inexpensive but still sophisticated, and feel friendly and accessible. An iconic character or collection thereof could project this mood:


Visual Metaphors

Implicit in the service is a 'back-to-basics' approach to hi-tech mobile communication. Possible image metaphors are:

  • old fashioned switchboard
  • two tins on string


Design requirements

Graphics should perform well on mobile devices as well as on the Web.

  • big screen to small screen
  • lightweight for limited bandwidth on mobile devices


Branded Ringtone

We would like a branded avant-gard ringtone.

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