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Segueway is an embryonic project which has come out of a series of internal workshops done by the people speak and some of the performance workshops Mikey and Jesse have been doing in 2010 and 2011.

Segueway is the new experimental format from The People Speak, devisors of Talkaoke, One Night Grandstand, Who Wants to Be and Gazebo TV. It has come out of workshops the People Speak have done both internally as a collective and for others. We discovered a strong desire from The People to better express their performative and creative self within the group. Segueway is about generating a spontaneous and collaborative performance and narrative from participants using a combination of skills that we have available. It will exist in a space between theatre, filmmaking and performance workshop.

These include Zsolt, our visualiser who will provide instant backdrops, plus special effects. Andrew, fast cardboard propmaker. Jesse, performance facilitator Rick, instant sound effects, editing. Mikey, conceptualiser. Hektor, camera Kasia, camera Patrycja, camera, make-up, editing

It will consist of a chroma key screen, microphones, cameras, props and costumes, video displays, all of which are part of our standard studio kit.

The final product will be an edited film, with a narrative arc, but the real crux of the project is participation in it and the feeling of your own creative input. Visitors to the space will be asked to contribute to the story line, define their own character, create props and costume, locate conflict and if they want perform a scene. A rough version of the video footage will be posted on a screen in the gallery as it is updated.

What we need to make it happen.

A space


Internet connection

If you want participate, that would be great.

We will provide all other equipment, material, and people power!

The outcome for us from this project is to turn this into more of an exportable format that we can repeat elsewhere in a less resource intensive way.

Reference points: Tate Think tank

gazebo TV

Workshop with the Huddleston Centre

Contact us to see the video

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