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It's important that we have some way of visualising what's happening with Directionless - some way of checking what the effects are of changes we make to system settings such as how long we allow phones to ring for - how many users we call at once.

These statistics will need to be queryable from their respective services in order for those visualisations to be collected on a DE Dashboard page.


We have two systems - Asterisk and Plone, some of the statistics will be provided by each of the systems, which may prove complex.

We want to dispose of call records when they've comleted - rather than gather potentially devisive data on our callers and their calls. Therefore, we might have to log and store statistics as they come in - rather than querying a database of saved call records.

Call records show:

  • Call start date / time
  • Participant IDs
  • number of registered callers in conference
  • one call record per conference number

Q: are we now recording unregistered users?

Graphs we want to see

  • How many calls are we receiving graphed over time?
  • How many new users are we getting graphed over time?
  • How many new sign-ups are confirming their landline successfully?
  • How many call transfers are occuring graphed over time?
  • What is the average call length?
  • How many people are we having to call before we put someone though?
  • How long is it taking the first operator to answer a calls?
  • How many incoming calls are we getting per day?
  • How many uniquely numbered outgoing calls are we making per day?
  • How many calls are we dropping per day?
  • General web stats (is there a generic plone product for that?)
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