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Directionless Knowledgebase

The purpose of this database/portal is to gather and distribute knowledge about locations, and to make it available to members of the community.

One of the exciting possibilities of Directionless Enquiries is that it provides a fast changing map of the city, inferred from what questions people are asking, and what answers they're getting. If five people ask about a music event in Haggerston on a Wednesday night, we can be fairly sure that there's something musical going on in Haggerston, and we can tell each other about it.

Over time the database will grow richer and richer, and as more people use it will also contain more accurate information, especially about temporal events, e.g. parties and events that are sometimes not very well represented online (although calendar sharing services are doing that to some extent now - eg. / / etc..)

The database needs the following components:

  • Physical addresses.
  • Logical locations, mapped to these addresses.
  • Events happening at locations, with information about their duration.
  • Web interface to quickly create the information. The speed of entry is of real importance - it should be possible for an agent to enter information in real time while taking a call.
  • Quick interface to query information.
  • Navigational tools to locate the caller and to navigate her to her destination.
  • Interface to be used by other systems (API) to allow system integration.
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