Directionless Sprint week 10th December - 14th December

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This is the third Directionless Sprint since project initiation in October, so far we have a working asterisk system and have got some distance since the original prototype. We have a plan in place for testing skype calls, and have some really nice looking branding on the way. This week should be a good opportunity to consolidate what we've done, push forward the development effort, and sign off on the branding and concepts.

Of course, other people might have other ambitions. It would be really useful to write them down here - so please do!

People present

  • Saul
  • Heather
  • Mikey
  • Joerg
  • Liz (remotely)
  • Andy
  • Wojciech

What we want to achieve


  • start working on the plone product (Directionless) tests - so that all the functionality is spec'd out - this gets all the interfaces known, and the all the tests failing.
  • Then the theory is to start to work back towards 0% test failures


  • Induct Heather into the project, hand over some responsibilities
  • Work with Liz on turning the Wireframes into click-through models of web interfaces
  • Share developments in branding & design, gather opinion and feedback for signing-off on concept designs to progress.
  • Continue working on getting a 118 number
  • Do further project planning and start on a report to the LDA (with Heather's help)
  • Do some market research
  • Help make a final decision re: asterisk vs. Yate and developer resources
  • Make sure January's sprint is planned and delivery schedules are agreed.
  • Testing sip to skype calls via chanskype


  • Get a handle on the tech backend of the project - so I can be better 'clued-in' to the time managment
  • Try to make sense of the budget and clarify budget reporting structures
  • Get in touch with LDA to set up meeting to be clear on their expectations
  • Put up monthly report structures on the wiki
  • Start monthly budget report on Google Docs (for LDA reporting)
  • Input into branding, other areas as needed
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