Directionless Sprint week 14th January - 18th January

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This is the fourth Directionless Sprint since project initiation in October 2007. So far we have many pieces that need assembly. We have some working wireframes that we are happy with. We also have [some real live code] that is nearing readiness. The asterisk service is working, and Wojciech is soon to have the skype bridge up and running. We are nearing the runway!

Heather is now up and running with the administrative side of the project - so that's a relief.

The overall aims for this week is to get a rough cut of the site up, and road test our ideas for the first time. The system might not be working, but it would be great to get something we can actually show people onto the 'net. The hope is that next week Joerg will be in town and we can mop up the functionality of the system and get it all working. More on that later.

People present

  • Saul
  • Heather
  • Liz
  • Andy
  • Wojciech

Proposed Objectives (add more!)


  • Determine what kinds of visualisations of user metrics would be useful and commission Wojciech to make them
  • Determine what kinds of cool interface widgets we need, and get Wojciech working on them.
  • Test our assumptions about what we can explain to users by trying out the site on some initial victims


  • Finalize interface designs
  • Build html/css templates and get them working with Andy's plone code
  • Help plan some usability testing



  • Install and test the skype bridge
  • Get started on interface widgets
  • Get started on visualisations
  • Gest started on ringtones, hold tunes etc


  • Write up the rest of the outstanding monthly reports
  • Get started on companies house admin, terms of use & legal stuff
  • Re-write wireframes to incorporate Joerg's answer machine trap and call karma
  • wireframe login
  • Write time sheets for all my work on DE so far


  • Start reporting
  • Plan for the promotion phase
  • Get started on market research documentation (is this cheeky to just move it without asking !? ;)

Timing planning

Monday 14th Jan

  • Saul working on DE all morning
  • Saul has a commitment from 1pm - 3:30pm. Back at the studio at 4 for a few hours.
  • Proposed 1st team meeting: 4pm
  • Liz arrives Cremer street at around 2pm. Is it possible to meet with Andy?
  • Heather working from 10 - 2 (at the bank first), have a meeting near Trafalgar square at 3... will try to make it back for 4 but may be later... 4:30 or 5.

Tuesday 15th Jan

  • Saul working on DE all day
  • Heather working on DE all day

Wednesday 16th Jan

  • Saul working on DE all day
  • Heather working on Theps stuff until 5pm - can do Directionless as needed
  • Dorkbotsocial! Dorkbot londoners meet in a nearby pub, 7pm onwards. yay!

Thursday 17th Jan

  • Saul has a meeting from 10am - 11am in Brick lane
  • Saul working on DE all afternoon
  • Heather at studio but not working on Theps/Directionless stuff (other than attending the meeting!)
  • Proposed 'next steps' meeting: 4pm
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