Directionless Sprint week 18th February - 20th February

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This sprint - the penultimate in our first phase of development, was intended to complete:

  • Call transfers
  • Build and Implementation of ui/templates
  • Backend plone system
  • Build and test 3 way conferencing feature
  • Skype installation and integration

In the end, it was a real struggle, though productive in parts and we didn't get things finished.

What we did

  • Andy continued specifying and extending the plone system. The extension of the spec caused delays, but perhaps inevitable in an experimental project - that the spec was incomplete from the start.
  • Liz implemented the HMTL/CSS for the templates - it looks good, but were not ready to implement it yet...
  • Joerg build the backend conferencing system for asterisk - which worked
  • Skype installation and chanskype worked fine
  • Skype installation was fully specced, but not built.
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