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Why can't users make sip/skype to sip/skype calls

If you are sitting in front of a computer, chances are you can access most of the information you need. If you want to ask a very specific question that could benefit from the future planned topic-based or interest-based query sevice offered by Directionless Enquiries to matchmake questions with answerers - perhaps email would be a better way to proceed. Email is atemporal - allowing the answerer to think about answers more carefully. We may at some stage provide an API to the expertise map, but we don't even have the expertese map yet, so there's no point talking about it at this stage.

Why can't I use skype?

You can! You just have to use a SkypeIn number. There are some limitations to that - but not so bad.

Do you plan to support any additional locations outside London? If so, which?

My suggestions (Tom - Jan 2007)

  • Bristol, UK (reason: active new media community who may provide a good source of test users).
  • Milton Keynes, UK (reason: people are always getting lost in MK, plus there is the Open Guide to Milton Keynes as a data source).
  • Boston, MA, USA (reason: another big Open Guide location (OG Boston) and a lively techie community to kick-start things).

Tom - you're right. There's no reason we shouldn't support as many places as possible - after all, it's simple for us to have local numbers in every city on earth. We were trying it out in London as an experiment, where our forgiving friends will be our guinea pigs, but we'll certainly extend it once we're confident that it's working. --SaulAlbert 12:22, 13 January 2007 (CET)

How do I know I won't get hassled with calls night and day?

Can I 'sign on' to the system when I'm happy to accept calls?

Will incoming calls have CLI (caller id) so I can reject them if I need to?

Yes, they'll give you Directionless' number so you can reject them - not the numbers of the directionless users, at this stage.

How do I know how well you protect and respect my contact details?

Good point. We really ought to have a privacy policy. We don't. Yet.

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