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Making a call

  • Is number registered?
    • identify user
    • record karma
  • If unregistered,
    • flag to agent?
    • send text message?
    • block number for future calls until registered
  • What is their karma?
    • If bad karma, hang up and send text message
  • flag twat

Taking a call

  • Agents get called
    • sees caller id as directionless
  • skills, knowledge search on user base
    • find expert user
    • transfer call
    • add user to conference call
  • flag twat

Web Site

  • communicate phone number
  • explain service
  • help
  • accept user registration
  • user login
  • view/edit user profile
    • name
    • (local) knowledge
    • communicate karma rating
  • browse and view other users
  • explain legalese

Web Site Mobile devices

  • make call from mobile device via website
  • find karma rating
  • report agent karma
    • but how do you know who you were talking to?
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