Future Developments for One Night Grandstand

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We are aiming to develop the technology for One Night Grandstand to make it a product or a set of products easily usable by:

  • Anyone with a games console (kids, youth clubs, dads...)
  • Service providers (events organisers, sports clubs, five-a-side centres, facilities)

The product could be marketed like Karaoke machines - amateur, semi-professional and professional models.

Basic existing features


  • Controllable by games console controller
  • Sound effects for goals and near-misses
  • Game-responsive crowd chanting/background effects
  • Audio mixing in of commentary / music

Video (experimental)

  • Live action replays
  • Live scores
  • Team names

Potential technology developments

More audio effects

  • More sound effects relevent to the action:
    • Applause for substitions, good movements in play, goalkeeper saving, etc
    • Cheering for different teams, 'Come on you blues/reds'

More video effects

  • Statistics screen at half or full time, showing shots on and off target, corners, fouls, yellow and red cards, possesion +(not sure how we would work possesion out)
  • A live updated leuage or cup table so each team can see where they are, one problem we had was players asking us where the+were in the league and we weren't able to show them. One way round it would be having a plasma screen dedicated to this.
  • Player names and little photos

Goal and goalpost sensor

  • for use on a flat wall with a goal painted on it
  • simple idea: use sensors under a pad to trigger goal noise
  • use sensors under pads on the post to trigger a nearly-a-goal noise

SMS 2 Stadium crowd synthesiser

  • allow people to sms something to a computer that then synthesises chanting, singing and jeering of their name or message - as if by a crowd.
  • Heather arranged for us to meet Andy Farnell - who knows a lot about granular synthesis. He said this would be an 'interesting PHD project', which I take to mean 'impossible' :(

--SaulAlbert 23:52, 7 December 2007 (CET)

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