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* Adnan Hadzi
* Adnan Hadzi
* Rowan October
* Rowan October
* Someone else's name here
* Laura Henry

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  • Time: Tuesday 29th January, 5pm-6pm
  • Location: The People Speak HQ: 17-25 Cremer St. London E2 8HD
  • Price: Free as in Knowledge! If you want to pay, bring some nice food.

It's amazing how many organisations, groups and individuals need mailing lists - a trivial piece of software, and a vital piece of communications infrastructures, but don't know how to install, administer and run them.

This one hour workshop will introduce you to the theory and practice of installing, running and maintaining mailing lists using:

  • Mailman
  • Google Groups
  • Yahoo Groups (easy - dont!)

It will also be an opportunity to express interest in other workshops. What would you like to learn that The People know? What do you have to teach that The People can learn?

Would you like to come? Please RSVP by adding yourself to this page:


  • Saul Albert (teaching)
  • Keith Watson
  • Adnan Hadzi
  • Rowan October
  • Laura Henry
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