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People With Time

We are trying to recruit some intrepid testers. That's why we're presenting at Dorkbot. We need 20-30 people with some or all of the following characteristics.

  • You spend too much time in front of your computer.
  • You would like the Directionless Enquiries system to exist and will support it through thick and thin.
  • You are willing to lear to set up a sip phone (we'll help you if you this help page is gobbledigook to you.
  • You have a high tolerance for faulty technical systems.
  • You are friendly and helpful and know at least one area of London.

If you think you fit the bill, please email us at

People with Skillz

We are going to develop this system and its various components under a GPL license using Asterisk and Zope. If you have skills with either of these, or with voice sysetms in general or have mad ideas about how to make this project happen, please subscribe to the mailing list, and get in touch about it.

We will be setting up an SVN repository of the development we've done so far soon. Promise. Bug tracker will follow too. Double promise.

People With Money

We reckon we need about £30k in (mostly) development, and a thin slice for grapihc design, PR, client development etc. etc. to make Directionless Enquiries work well enough to bring in a critical mass of people necessary to make it change the world in the way it should.

We don't really have any plans for how this could make money as an idea - although we think it could be a good investment one way or another. Apart from always making sure people helping people remains free and worth using (ie. not full of lame advertising or sell-outs), we are sure this idea should exist and people will pay for it to exist somehow.

But mostly we want your money - as much of the £30k as you can give us. We have the skills and experience to make it work. Promise :).

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