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People With Time

We need testers and tester recruiters! Do you spend rather a lot of time in front of your computer? Would you be up for helping to test the system? It might be fun. You might find there are alots of bugs. Either way - if you could try it out, enjoy yourself and give us lots of feedback, that would be *great*.

If you're up for being a tester, and hearing about new features as they arise, please email us at and we'll make sure we send you some stickers and cards to give to people you want to other potential testers you know.

People with Skillz

We are going to develop this system and its various components under a GPL license using Asterisk and Zope. If you have skills with either of these, or with voice sysetms in general or have mad ideas about how to make this project happen, please subscribe to the mailing list, and get in touch about it.

Join us on #directionless on

If you spot something lame, please use the bug tracker:

We will be setting up an SVN repository of the development we've done so far soon.

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