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  • We should investigate infra-red lighting, because we need to use more dramatic lighting, and weren't able to in this instance.
  • re: edge detection as well as colour field calculation for the voting system would be good.
  • We had 60 people in the first game. 100 people might have been too many. We need to give people a chance to make their contributions in advance, or to think about them and structure them before the game.
  • We should calibrate the system in public, before the game - so that people trust it. We could do this using a game like pong.
  • Next time we have to start from where we left off, the rules developed and should continue to develop.
  • Visualisation: we should visualise two things:
    • the path of voting and decision making
    • all the suggestions that people are making in a round - some of which may be ignored, but they all have to be visible when the vote is being decided on.
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