October 07 Directionless Progress Report

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General Progress Overview

The starting point for the project in this month was that we had a functional but extremely basic proof of concept for a peer to peer directory enquiries service, and we needed to plan the market research, technical development, marketing and business development of a product.

We also had to pull together a team and liase with an academic to detail how they would work on the development with us.

October: Specific Progress

Directionless received project funding in early October, so this month was used for pulling the team together for the first time, doing the final bit of recruiting, getting quotes and laying out detailed plans for the project.

It was also a month for organisational development: shareholder meetings and agreements and business registration.

Progress against Key Deliverables

Deliverable 1: Identification of which of the proposed business plans - or new business plans - might suit the continued development of this innovative product

  • Fleshed out possible business models, and identified what product development would be necessary to test them.
  • Made decisions about priorities of product development and testing based on resources available.
  • Decided to focus on the simplest and most flexible product: a 118 replacement service, developed to build a large user base to whom we could then market value-added information services.

Deliverable 2: A comprehensive analysis and report on equivalent services in the marketplace and their pricing/business models

  • First research tasks identified and undertaken into:
    • numbering authorities
    • directory enquiries and telephony services industry (118tracker.com) - first contacts made.
    • research into trade associations/conferences etc.
  • No further progress in this month, apart from greater understanding of which product our innovation will be developed into first, and therefore which marketplace we need to research.

Deliverable 3: A first roadmap of an emerging market in peer-provided VOIP and information services for SMEs and civil society - and other unanticipated markets

  • Partner projects in relevant 3rd sector and businesses sought out and contacts made.
  • No other progress on the roadmap at this stage.

Deliverable 4: Robust prototype developed and proof of its concept for mass-market and market readiness

  • Delivery timelines identified for all parts of prototype development (see attached).
  • Timetabling and agreements with all freelancers and project workers.
  • Extra requirements and further planning needs identified.

File:Directionless enquiries project timeline.pdf

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