One Night Grandstand in Islington, August 2006

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Event Summary

I wasn't there, so I can't give one. Please fill in this bit :)

--SaulAlbert 09:40, 28 September 2006 (CEST)

General tips

  • Don't underestimate the commentator's enthusiasm. Phil Parry has done a fantastic job so far, we should keep all the commentators we work with in the loop, as it's almost as much fun for them as it is for us!
  • Foreground commentators on the website and in future bookings, that's what this is about.

Organisational tips

  • Having Public Liability Insurance for ONG and other gigs is a good idea, that way we're not dependent on someone elses cover.
  • Organising football tournaments is not that hard, we should do it because we have specific requirements about how it needs to be done to enable ONG to happen (perhaps we should write these up). Other agencies etc.. have other priorities.
  • in initial meetings, all parties should be explicit about who is doing what on the day. We have to explain how we will set up the sound system, what info we need for the commentary, the vantage point of hte commentator etc..

Promotional tips

Branding & Documentation: just like Talkaoke the best way to get more ONG going is people seeing it at other events.promotion by people seeing it in action is especially important if (for child protection reasons) we're not allowed document it in any way. SO we need to make sure that the people speak and ONG logos are liberally plastered around the place.

Technical tips

  • Wherever possible, it's important to have the whole setup: screens, extra camera angles, so perhaps we shouldn't skimp too much on budget and technical setup.
  • We need more sound effects relevent to the action: Applause for substitions, good movements in play, goalkeeper saving etc.
  • We should have cheering for different teams: 'Come on you blues/reds'
  • We should have a statistics screen at half or full time, showing shots on and off target, corners, fouls, yellow and red cards, possesion (not sure how we would work possesion out)
  • A live updated leuage or cup table so each team can see where they are, one problem we had was players asking us where the were in the league and we weren't able to show them. One way round it would be having a plasma screen dedicated to this.

Website tips

  • We should have a place on the website where people can do training exercises for commentary eg: "Say this: Rivaldo, Ronaldo and Ronaldinho rarely run rearwards. In Hertford, Hereford and Haverford hattricks hardly happen. Joe Cole in the hole, holds off Scholes to roll in the goal.
  • A ticker tape of funny quotes from commentators
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