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 Hello, Thanks for offering to report bugs. We don't have a bug tracker installed yet, but will
 do when we can't keep track of entries on this wiki anymore. Please log in and edit this wikipage
 to report bugs. We will probably install when we have the time and
 the need.


  • if people have sip answer phone services, you might end up leaving them a message! I experienced that today with your answer service, joerg! :) --SaulAlbert 10:46, 1 July 2006 (CEST)
  • after a few seconds of being connected, the call gets hung up!
  • everyone can see my mobile number and sip number by going to the main site. yay! :)
  • Called twice at 23.09 GMT, first time hung up immediately afer robot, second time I heard someone on the other end saying hello but it didn't seem like they could hear me.
  • Available Yes/No radio buttons should be read only for all users' pages except mine?
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