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Sign in process


Registration via website

First stage

First registration screen with the usual kinds of details - not requiring instant confirmation, although confirmation email should be sent out.

Second stage

User inserts mobile number on which they'll be called - and are sent an sms confirming the number, with DE's number for their future reference.

Third stage

If the user is using skype, we can tell when they're available, so they can proceed to the fifth stage.

Fourth stage

If the user enters a landline/sip number (for which we can't check availability) - we need to try and ascertain their availability by other means. This could mean:

  • asking them when they're likely to be available (daytimes / weekends and evenings / all the time) - then flag the user with this information and constrain searches against them appropriately.
  • giving them a bookmark that will enable them to return to the site (indicating their availability) when they're called or ready to receive calls.

Fifth stage

User tags - auto-complete (of existing tags) text box for entering tags, and some suggestions about places, areas of expertise etc. etc.

Sixth stage

User confirms their sip/landline/skype number by taking a call and pressing a button.

Voila, registration complete!

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