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Segueway Workshop - 4.09.2011

team: Mikey, Clare, Asia, Zsolt

Location: THEPS HQ

We've came up with an idea of charity shop. Before the event people could donate/text ideas for dialogs, scenarios, characters. Everyone could donate images, props, costumes. In the gallery(script factory) all the ideas would be going through story blender.  


  • there are 3 boxes with ideas for: scenario, character and dialog
  • person picks up pieces of paper with sentence written down on it from each of the box
  • Clare will ask questions to blend a story from randomly choosen sentences. someone will be helping Clare with asking question and heckle system
  • after the q&a session a person is going to the prop department: Andrew (to work on costumes and props) or acting department: Jesse (to work on performance in front of the camera)  
  • Zsolt will be working on backdrops, Rick on sound 

What we've learnt: 

  • We need a story board before we start shooting. Compact the q&a session (the story line) to condensed action
  • It will be easier to do silent film. In order to do that we need Jesse to work with people on using more theatrical gesture in front of the camera  
  • We need to think about different camera angles while shooting 
  • Some people to work on subtitles 

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