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[Category:Directionless Enquiries]This is the old version of the page - possibly useful discussion, but not relevant to what we're trying now:

We should be able to use our skype username instead of a sip client. Skype's closedness sucks, but as long as the system is open to all other sip clients and even other proprietary sucky voip services, it just increases the potential DE userbase, which is a good thing.

This should be possible using skype's API and Jack Audio framework on the DE server. Hack week for this feature is scheduled for the 26th June - 1st July 2006. That didn't work. So we're not addressing this problem right now.

notes on this feature:

  • If the DE server uses skype, it will 'cloak' the caller ID in a non-useful way, as skype users will only see the DE server calling them. To get around this problem, it might be possible to send a skype chat message with the mobile number / username - or event a 'subscribe or bookmark this user' link so that call recipients get the social cupcakes.
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