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=== Project outline ===
=== Project outline ===

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Project outline

  • The aim of the workshops is to offer audiences the opportunity to use the talkaoke table for themselves in a workshop environment, then to put on a live show, employing all technical, conceptual and performance skillsm, producing a contribution to the Talkaoke conversation archive.
  • The workshops will require a team of volunteers to take part in 2 days of training and preparations.
  • These workshops will highlight the full range of possibilities of using the Talkaoke table, and conversational / convivial performance as intervention in public space.
  • The minimum number required for a workshop to take place would be five people.
  • The workshops would be advertised via the network of the project partner to attract a volunteer team.
  • The workshops would take place prior to the main, public event (organised by the project partner) at which the Talkaoke table and all the technical apparatus required for a show would then be operated by the volunteer team.
  • The team would be fully responsible for hosting the table in a public site or event context of their choosing.
  • If the venue has good Internet connectivity, it would be possible to stream the discussion live during the event to the Internet – or to another venue.
  • On completion of the event the volunteer team and Talkaoke artists would edit a downloadable sound / video for the project partner's records, which would also contribute to the ongoing Talkaoke conversation archive.

Workshop outline

The workshops would consist of four sections broken down into half days.

  • Session 1: The first morning will provide an introduction to Talkaoke. The host will use the table and projection monitor to illustrate the politics of public open debate. Other examples and models of public debate will be used to explain and examine the art of open chairing and the possibilities of non-determined, convivial participation.
  • Session 2: The afternoon session will address the technologies used by the table. This will include demonstrating the benefits of mobile technologies such as live streaming, wireless broadcasting, battery power, and conceptual product design.
  • Session 3: The second morning session will take the table outside in public to identify the roles each team member will take in hosting the table. The roles of the team will be self-determined by using the table in situ.
  • Session 4: The last session will involve confirming the responsibilities of the volunteer team and introducing technical staff from project partners. This meeting will assist in ensuring the success of the live streaming and documentation of the event. Contacts will be identified within the team to liase with Talkaoke artists should any problems arise.
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