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Sign in process


Registration via welcome wagon

If a user calls from an unrecognised mobile phone, we connect them to the welcome wagon. NB: how does one become a member of the welcome wagon group?

First stage

Welcome wagon operator (wwop) fills in basic details but not a password this time.

Second stage

Mobile phone number is already filled in and greyed out, wwop enters landline/sip/skype for the number user'll be called on (requires verification - but not immediately).

Third stage (if using sip/landline)

If the wwop enters a landline/sip number (for which we can't check availability) - we need to try and ascertain user availability by other means:

  • wwop asks them when they're likely to be available (daytimes / weekends and evenings / all the time) - then flag the user with this information and constrain searches against them appropriately.
Third stage (non-interactive)

Email is sent at this point - containing enhanced information for the user signed up:

  • you need to confirm your email (link to email confirmation hash)
  • you need to confirm your call-in number by phoning DE (provide number)
  • here is your password, you can change it

Fourth stage

Essential question - if user has an answerphone they'll trap people in it. .

Fifth stage

User tags - auto-complete (of existing tags) text box for entering tags, and some suggestions about places, areas of expertise etc. etc.

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